As a playwright, my work has been produced across the country, from Boston to Hollywood. Below, you will find scripts, as well as production history, for some of my personal favorites. The scripts are all available to read online, but please feel free contact me if you are interested in producing any of them. I am also available for work-for-hire, commissions, and collaborations.

  • Streets Like This (with AC Sidle / Civic Ensemble) Inspired by real-life stories, Streets Like This follows the lives of five people dealing with incarceration, poverty, and addiction, whose lives overlap through the same social service programs. There’s Brian, a middle-class mama’s boy who spent four months in county jail for his prescription pill addiction, and now struggles to stay clean while helping out his widowed mother; Abby, a single mom and recovering heroin addict who’s trying to win her young son back from Child Protective Services; and Crystal, a survivor of domestic violence who’s been forced to turn to prostitution to keep a roof above her family while she navigates the bureaucratic maze of poverty. Their stories are framed by Deon and Dennis, the drunk elder statesmen of the social service block who’ve spent their lives trapped in system. Deon wants to help the audience understand the intersections of poverty, addiction, and incarceration, but disgruntled Dennis can’t see beyond the fourth wall (or his internalized misogyny). In the end, Dennis discovers the audience, and finds new purpose when he realizes they’ve come see his story; Brian goes to an in-patient rehab clinic; Abby sobers up and reunites with her son; Deon embraces the new family he’s found; and Crystal is still trapped in an endless cycle of poverty and desperation. Together, they break through the fourth wall, and plead with the audience to understand their struggles and stories, and make a change to the system that has trapped them all. (Full-length; still in progress; 4 men of any race, 4 women of any race, and additional ensemble as needed)

  • Four Wall Prism: An Extraordinary Rendition of Historical Events — Marcus had planned to dash after an online-date-turned-one-night-stand. Instead, he woke up with a dead cellphone and a city on lockdown after a terrorist attack. With no way to get in touch with his job — or the fiancé he's been lying about — Marcus is stuck in an apartment with his date, Cori, who definitely stole his identity before their date but is definitely not on the pill, and her mentally ill roommate Jayme, who just wants to finish her goddamn master's thesis. As the three of them grapple with issues of race, privilege, privacy, and more, they realize that the greatest threat is not the warzone outside but within the four walls of the apartment. (Full-length; 2 white men, 1 black woman, 1 non-black woman)

  • True Believers — The lives of starcrossed lovers, aspiring comic book creators, cybernetically enhanced humans, psychotic fanboys, and girls who dress like Slave Leia all intertwine over a whirlwhind weekend at a comic book convention. (Full-length; 5 men, 2 women, 1-3 ensemble)

  • Absolution — A dark, tragic, controversial tale of the timeless conflict between the Catholic Church and Vegetarianism. (2 males)

  • Fixing a Hole — A story of two numbers, and a hole at the end of the world. (2 characters)

  • X and 0 — Spies! Romance! Acronyms! Double-talk! Secrets! Lies! Hidden agendas! Sex! More Acronyms! MURDER! (1 female, 1 male)

  • An Encounter — Set in Ireland in the early 1900s, a pair of boys skip school for the day, and soon come upon a strange man on a hill... (screenplay)