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Peter DuBois on CAPTORS

Yeah, yeah, I realize that I just posted about the opening of Before I Leave You at the Huntington, but we're also gearing up for another world premiere — Captors, about the capture of Nazi mastermind Adolf Eichmann in Buenos Aires in 1960. Based on the memoirs of Peter Z. Malkin, one of the Israeli Mossad agents who held Eichmann in captivity in Buenos Aires until they were able to get him out of the country, the play is written by Evan M. Wiener and directed by my good friend (slash boss) Peter DuBois. The video below was originally filmed in May; it's a conversation with Peter about the play, which opens here in Boston on November 13 before (probably) moving to Broadway (details are still in the works, but that's the plan right now anyway). [youtube]