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CANDIDE at the Huntington

[youtube]I forgot to share this last week, but figured it was something worth adding. The Huntington Theatre Company (where I am so gainfully employed) is entering our 30th year, and to kick off the celebration, we're opening our anniversary season with Mary Zimmerman's acclaimed production of Candide by Leonard Bernstein/Voltaire/Hugh Wheeler/Richard Wilbur/everyone, ever, following sold-out productions at the Goodman Theatre in Chicago and the Shakespeare Theatre in Washington, DC. So that's pretty cool, right? I even had the chance to speak to (Tony award and MacArthur Genius Grant winner) Mary Zimmerman the other day, and I could have continued listening to her speak ever since without being bored because she truly is that engaging of a speaker (that video is still to come).

Meanwhile, I this is a video that I cut together from a conversation between our Artistic Director Peter DuBois and Artistic Programs/Dramaturgy/whiskey co-conspirator/all-around good dude Charles Haugland (who, side note, brought me back this delicious wee dram from Edinburgh where he attended the Fringe Festival) about Candide and our upcoming 30th Anniversary Season. The two actually had a lengthy conversation about the entire season, as well as the planning process behind it; the rest of those videos will be rolled out as we go along. But for now, enjoy a candid glimpse at, well, Candide!

(also, apologies for the image quality, if you're stickler on those things — there is apparently a significant difference between what a FlipCam shows on its display and the footage that it actually captures. Grrrr)