Thom Dunn is a Boston-based writer, musician, homebrewer, and new media artist. He enjoys Oxford commas, metaphysics, and romantic clichés (especially when they involve whiskey), and he firmly believes that Journey's "Don't Stop Believing" is the single greatest atrocity committed against mankind. He is a graduate of Clarion Writer's Workshop at UCSD ('13) & Emerson College ('08).

Welcome to my, erm, gay Soviet zombie ballet?

I have a new short story out in the latest issue (#8) of Serial Pulp Magazine called “Colder Bodies, Colder Hearts.” I wrote the first draft back in 2013, at the Clarion Writer’s Workshop, and it is, in fact, very loosely based on the real-life invention of the heart-lung machine, particularly this weird-ass Soviet propaganda video.

The original print run has already sold out, but you can still get a digital copy for your Kindle/Nook/iPad/

I’ve been searching for a home for this story for a while now, and I’m glad it’s finally out there in the world. It’s different from a lot of the things I normally write, but I hope you like it anyway.