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90s Nostalgia in the Boston Herald

Those of you who've met me are likely aware of my love (obsession) with The Adventures of Pete & Pete. I also may or may not have written a fantastic love song about Ellen Hickle that I will later post (if I can find out) and, as a result, may or may not have almost gone on a date with the actress that portrayed her. But I digress.

I was recently interview by the Boston Herald for an article about 90s TV show nostalgia (specifically, the new "90s Are All That" latenight block on the TeenNick network). But mostly I just riff on my love for Pete & Pete. I mean, seriously — what other childrens' show could get away with naming a math teacher "Ms. Cooter Fingerwood"?! How did that get past the censors in the 90s?

"Teen network blasts back to the '90s" in the Boston Herald