Thom Dunn is a Boston-based writer, musician, homebrewer, and new media artist. He enjoys Oxford commas, metaphysics, and romantic clichés (especially when they involve whiskey), and he firmly believes that Journey's "Don't Stop Believing" is the single greatest atrocity committed against mankind. He is a graduate of Clarion Writer's Workshop at UCSD ('13) & Emerson College ('08).

Rules of the Road

I have a problem with self-loathing. I'm a playwright and a theatre artist, but most "theatre people" drive me nuts. I love comic books, but I think most comic fans are idiots. I listen to a lot of indie music, but find a lot of indie music fans to be judgmental jerks (like me, judging them right now). But, as a bicyclist, there is no group of people I hate more...than bicyclists.

I've been the victim of several bike accidents, and still, nearly every day on my two-wheeled commute to work, I see another fellow bicyclist do something that makes me go, "See? People like that are the reason people like me deserve to get hit." Because karma doesn't always work out quite so evenly, and sometimes you're forced to pay for the sins of other bicyclists.

And so, this week's FiveByFiveHundred is dedicated to anyone who's ever been run over by a bicycle while trying to walk on the damn sidewalk (which is where people are supposed to walk).

"Five Rules for Bicyclists" on

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